Voltaren Emulgel Tube 50g

Voltaren Emulgel is a clinically proven pain relieving medicine.

Voltaren Emulgel is used to treat pain and inflammation of muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, due to sprains and strain, sports injuries (e.g. tennis elbow) and soft tissue rheumatism (e.g. bursitis, tendinitis).

Voltaren Emulgel contains the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), diclofenac, which works to relieve pain and reduces inflammation (swelling). It has a cooling, moisturising effect with no strong odours.

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Rub gently into the affected area 3 or 4 times daily. Do not use for more than 2 weeks except on medical advice.
Diclofenac diethylamine 11.6 mg/g
Do not use Voltaren Emulgel: � On children under 12 years � If you are pregnant or breastfeeding � If you are allergic to diclofenac, aspirin, any other anti-inflammatory medicines or pain relievers � If tube seal is broken or missing Stop use and see your doctor immediately if: You experience an allergic reaction.

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